Fatcheese promises to pay you cashback when you complete your purchase with any merchant who has the Fatcheese Cashback Guarantee Seal.

What does this mean to you?
Occasionally transactions can get rejected with no valid reason which can be very frustrating for all. Fatcheese is making you a guarantee that all genuine transactions completed via the Fatcheese site will be honored even if it does get rejected by the merchant. Untracked sales are also covered by the guarantee and we will award your cashback if we believe the transaction was genuinely made via Fatcheese.

How does it work?
Once you've completed a transaction with a Guaranteed Cashback merchant, the transaction should appear on your statement within 48 hours. If your transactions is later rejected at any stage you will be able to contact us to verify your transaction was genuine and we will award the cashback under our guarantee.

If the transaction has not appeared on your statement after seven days, you will need to submit a claim via the My Account section where the same guarantee applies.

Please make sure you save all email confirmations and any receipts you receive from the merchant as this will help verify your transaction.

What merchants are covered by the Guarantee?
The guarantee isn't just for one or two select merchants... it covers 95% of the merchants listed on Fatcheese! You will find the Fatcheese Cashback Guarantee Seal at the top of the page for every merchant covered by the guarantee. Unfortunately, we're unable to cover all our merchants with the guarantee as not all merchants are able to investigate transactions in the time frame we require.

What isn't covered by the guarantee?
- If you return goods the transaction will not be covered by the Fatcheese Cashback Guarantee
- If you go through a comparison site before using Fatcheese (eg. comparing insurance products), the merchant may reward the commission to the comparison site instead. In order to qualify for the cashback you must not use a comparison site before completing the transaction via Fatcheese. If this is done and we receive notification from the merchant, the transaction will not be covered by the guarantee.
- We have fraud detection measures in place. If we feel we are receiving fraudulent claims / transactions from an individual we reserve the right to retract the guarantee for that individual.
- Transactions where a voucher code not listed on the Fatcheese site has been used will not be covered by the guarantee.
- If a Fatcheese merchant should go into administration, we would be unable to guarantee the cashback on any outstanding transactions for that merchant.