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Tracking speed: 1-2 Hours

Payment speed: 90 Days

Last payment received on 15 Nov for transactions made before 14 Oct

Vodafone Cashback
Vodafone is the world's largest mobile phone network with a massive global brand and presence. In order to make the largest savings possible with your online shopping, make sure you use a Vodafone voucher code and save additionally by using our very latest cashback offers, today.

In terms of coverage Vodafone is number 1 in the UK and has pioneered the development of 3G products and services. Get your contract mobile phone, contract mobile broadband, pay-as-you-go mobile broadband, SIM only, netbooks, and pay-as-you-go mobiles.


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See how much cashback you can earn at Vodafone:

£90.00 cashback on Contract Handsets

£70.00 cashback on 12 month 15 and 20 SIM Only (this will initially track at 15 on your statement)

£40.00 cashback on Mobile Broadband 12 and 18 month contracts

£40.00 cashback on 30 Day 20 SIM Only (this will initially track at 15 on your statement)

£25.00 cashback on 30 Day 15 SIM Only (this will initially track at 15 on your statement)

£15.00 cashback on 30 Day 10 SIM Only

£10.00 cashback on PAYT Mobile Broadband

£5.00 cashback on Prepay/PAYT and 1 cashback on Accessories
Please note: there is no cashback available on iPad2 orders


Vodafone Member Reviews

" Vodafone are a established mobile network. Coverage is generally very good and i have always found their customer services good even if it is situated off shore. Lots of proce plans available to suite everyones pocket, and the latest and greatest phones are always available. It is a rela shame most of the best deals are for 24 months.

" I have used Vodafone in the past I no longer do now but I do like there phone. The customer service is very good and responds to peoples questions very quickly. Vodafone do a good promotion on pay as you go buy giving free weekend texts and calls. I think they are a good phone company. good rate of cashback.

" I used to like Vodafone. However, they would now be my last choice of supplier, in fact I would rather not have if it meant using them.

Customer service is largely dealt with from India, I have made a formal complaint over repeated attempts to chase down a debt for someone who has not lived at my address which has been ignored.

Having said that tariffs are OK, but watch out for the customer service.