Sky Digital Cashback

Sky Digital STATISTICS...

Tracking reliability: N/A

Tracking speed: 1-2 Hours

Payment speed: 60 Days

once the system has been installed

Up to £65 Cashback

Sky Digital Cashback
Sky Digital is the market leading digital TV provider in the UK. Sky currently has over 8.1 million subscribers and with our leading coverage of sports, movies and top entertainment programmes we know this will keep growing. Sky also offer fantastic Phone and Broadband as part of their See, Speak, Surf packages

1. Free Sky+ box and free standard set-up when you join Sky TV online.
2. Free Sky+HD box plus free standard set-up when you join Sky+HD online PLUS free HD Pack for 3 months
3. £100 M&S voucher from Sky when joining before 18 July.


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See how much cashback you can earn at Sky Digital:

£65.00 cashback on Sky+ HD (New Sky customers only)

£50.00 Cashback on Standalone Broadband

£15.00 Cashback for Broadband Unlimited attachment

£10.00 Cashback for Broadband Lite attachment

£5.00 Cashback for a New Customer Upgrade Adding ESPN


Sky Digital Member Reviews

" The basic Sky+ package is a great service and gives many options for building up a sky package that suits you. With Music, Knowledge, News etc packages that can be added for just £1 you can afford to pick and choose.
Also the SkySports coverage on a huge range is completely unrivalled in the English market. The deal is sweetened by a quick tracking large cashback sum and a £25 TESCO voucher.


" Sky are easy to deal with i got it installed within a couple of days and that was that all done online, any problems they sort them out the only thing is trying to get through to speak to someone is a real pain its takes ages and isnt free.

" Sky+ is a must have! I can't imagine reverting back to just freeview. Being able to record tv without tape or a recordable dvd is brilliant and hassle free. I also love being able to pause live tv if the phone rings and then rewinding or fastforwarding through adverts! The packages are pretty good value for money, but the customer service team do tend to make quite a few nuisance calls to ask me to upgrade or buy insurance which can be annoying.

" £40 cashback on sky and £100 on sky hd+ ( as long as you don't do the free line rental). Sky are simply the best for tv, the HD+ is awesome, especially combined with a full hd tv. I just sit there and marvel at the pictures, truly amazing. Complete totally online to get the money. The cashback is very good. I find the internet not the best because it is capped and not a patch on virgin media. But if tv is the main thing for you, sky are totally unbeatable in this department. Pay the extra get hd+ and be truly amazed.

" sky is brilliant we got the sky+hd box as it was on special offer but we didn't order over the net we went to a sales place in town and they gave us a good deal.we got sky+hd box,broadband and phone and it turned out to be the same price as our bt package which was broadband and phone so we are well pleased and you can record stuff on the sky box which is great,160gb i believe it is.
the man they sent round to install it didn't seem very friendly and seemed a bit grumpy but none the less he installed it all well but if you have an existing dish that is obsolete they won't take it with them for some reason we left the obsolete one on the drive and it got taken(nicked)within a week which i was actually happy about saved me taking to the tip,i've no idea what it's worth but you could try leaving any old sky dishes that you don't want in your front garden sky clearly don't want them and it'll save you a trip to the tip.anyway good luck!!