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Nike Store Cashback
Nike is one of the most renowned sports brands in the world offering the best in performance and technology.


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See how much cashback you can earn at Nike Store:

7.00% cashback on purchases

Please note: Cashback calculations exclude both taxes and any postage costs.


Nike Store Member Reviews

" 7%cashback from the no.1 sports brand on the planet. I love their clothes and always gravitate towards their stuff in any sports shop i go in. Website is very slow though :( and you soon get fed up using it. On the plus side the prices are very good and the range is excellent.

" Nike are the leading sportswear company in the uk. As well as being technoligically advanced their stuff is really funky. Prices are a bit hit and miss, with some things being really cheap and the latest gear being quite expensive. You can get a very good bargain on this site if you look hard enough. Fat cheese are offering a monster 7% cashback which is a great sweetner. You get free delivery if you spend £150 which is quite high amount to spend if you just want trainers. I tend to only shop here just before i go on hols when i know i have a lot to spend.

" Nike store pays a whopping 7 % cashback. Prices on the site are ok, not the cheapest by any means. They do however sell a excellent range of footwear, sports clothing and football boots. I like the reviewing system where you see how previous customers rated, the reviews are genuine good or bad all displayed. Delivery charges on top of everything you buy, free delivery if you spend over £150. The range of sportswear is much better than sports shops near me and a great bonus for me is that you can pay by paypal.

" Just recently ordered a pair of mens trainers off the website. The sale they had on was brilliant, and got a new pair of mens leather trainers very cheap. The shipping was fast, and the product fits well and is well made. Will definately return to the website.