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LOVEFiLM Rentals Cashback
LOVEFiLM is a subscription service where for a monthly fee as little as £5.99 you select a wishlist of DVDs, Blu-ray and games, receive them by 1st class post, watch them in your own time, return them in the Freepost envelope provided and receive your next DVDs in exactly the same way. It's a rolling exchange of DVDs and you can have up to 3 at home at a time.


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See how much cashback you can earn at LOVEFiLM Rentals:

£7.50 cashback when you take up the FREE Trial


LOVEFiLM Rentals Member Reviews

" great

" I use LoveFilm and think it's a great value for money service. There's thousands of films and games to choose from as well as DVD or Blu-Ray. I have never had a faulty disc or problems with deliveries. The turn around is really quick, I only have 1 dvd at a time but as soon as they receive it back, I get a new one which means only 1 day between posting and receiving! I'm very impressed!

" I love LOVEfilm!

A two week free trial and cash back. I also prepaid six months ahead for my subscription to get a discount which makes this extremely good value for money. I love being able to watch dvds in my own time where previously I just would have bought the dvd to find I may not like it. This has saved me alot of money and I'm very happy with the speed of tracking for cashback and the service I have received.


" MASSIVE selection of dvds, Lovefilm really have a humungous catalogue. New chart dvds are usually available on day of release. Delivery is extremely speedy. £7.50 cashback is a great incetive to trial these guys. I have only one gripe is that about 30% of the dvds i recieved 'jumped' because of scratches on the discs. You can cancel online. Top tip add a large number to your list (40+) this will guarantee they always have something available for you and so you will get a much speedier service.

" I have taken up the LoveFilm free trial in the past, and was really impressed with them. They have a great range of DVDs for rental, and you can select a long list that you wish to watch. The website is very easy to use. I was once sent a broken DVD, but the customer services I spoke to were really helpful and just sent a new DVD out. I had no trouble cancelling the free trial.