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Tracking speed: 1-2 Hours

Payment speed: 90 Days

Lightspeed Research Cashback
Lightspeed Research is a UK-based market research company. Once you have joined their consumer panel, consumers have the chance to be rewarded with redeemable points and to participate in a £2,000 prize draw. You also get an opportunity to give their opinion and influence tomorrow's products and services by answering online questionnaires.


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There's no joining fee and we give 100% of the commission we receive from merchants back to you. Fatcheese keeps the first £5 earned each year as an annual subscription fee which helps fund the site. The anniversary date is determined by the date you join Fatcheese and not by calendar year.

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See how much cashback you can earn at Lightspeed Research:

£1.40 cashback when you fully register as a new panellist by filling in the registration form and confirming your subscription to the panel by clicking on the Activate link present in the Confirmation email.


Lightspeed Research Member Reviews

" Lightspeed research is one of my favourite survey sites and have so far made about £30 in Amazon vouchers which always come in handy. It is very easy to join and the surveys get emailed to you. The added bonus of getting 90p for joining when you use Fat Cheese is very good. Would recommend this web site.

" I've been using Lightspeed for a couple of years now and, overall, am a happy panelist. However, in that time the price of rewards has increased (from 100 points to £1 to 115) while the average reward for a survey has decreased (100 to 80). Thus, it is getting harder to earn decent money from them. However, it is still one of the best online survey sites. They send regular surveys (averaging about 3 a week) and the pay out varies with the survey length. With a minimum of £1, the payout threshold is very low and extremely easy to achieve. Use with confidence as it is a very professional site.

" Lightspeed are a very good survey site. You complete surveys typically between 15-20 minutes long and you get rewarded with points which you can redeem for prizes. The prize catologue consists of e-vouchers, paper vouchers and best of all you can be paid via paypal. Points can quickly tot up and i use mine for sainsburys vouchers.

" Lightspeed are a awesome awesome awesome survey site that reward you for completing surveys typically taking 15-20 minutes, the surveys are very interesting and rewarding. You can redeem points for vouchers, paypal amongst other things. I usually get 2-3 surveys a day. You also get 0.90p for signing to lightspeed through fatcheese which is the icing on the cake in my book. Fab survey company use with confidence.

" Very good survey website.

Uncomplicated sign up. They email you regular surbeys which pay varying points which can be exchanged for a variety of rewards.