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Just-eat.co.uk Cashback
Just-eat.co.uk is an online food ordering portal. They connect restaurants to the consumer. With over 2,100 restaurants in their program and more than 270,000 meal orders processed per month they are the UK largest service of its kind.


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See how much cashback you can earn at Just-eat.co.uk:

3.00% Cashback on all validated purchases

Please note: Cashback calculations exclude both taxes and any postage costs.


Just-eat.co.uk Member Reviews

" Multitudes of Takeaway food you can order online and it will get delivered to the door. This sums up just-eat.co.uk. I love the idea behind this site and its great you can get some reviews about the takeaways. I can see this site being very popular because this really is the height of convenience food. 2.75% cashback is a great bonus and another welcome addition to fatcheese.

" Ordering takeaway food online is not a new concept. Many companies do accept orders online. Where this comes into its own is that it does not cater just for one type of food i.e pizza it caters for all kinds. The site is very fast when you search and you can choose by town/city/ post code. The site also gives a feedback rating. Where you are able to see what other customers have experienced. I like this site but the one drawback is the amount of results for the area i live on was only 6. Maybe in time when the site grows more popular and more takeaways use them i will be back as my current favourites were not listed. 2.75% is a great incentive to see if your favourite takeaway food is there.

" Takeaway delivery without phoning anyone! What a great idea. We’ve used it three times. First time was great, food arrived very quickly from a local takeaway. Second time we tried a different takeaway. Service was good but food wasn’t very nice. Third time, we went back to the first takeaway. We kept waiting but the food never turned up after an hour and a half. We called the takeaway who said the food would be with us in 20 minutes. When it didn’t arrive we went somewhere else. Three hours after ordering, the food finally turned up. Had great pleasure in turning them away. Not the fault of Just Eat, but at least when you talk to someone on the phone, you can ask them how long it will take to arrive.