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Graze Cashback
Created by the founder of LOVEFiLM, has taken the postal and online expertise, added passion for good food and genuine innovation to allow British office workers to improve the way they eat at work. graze are the first company ever to send fresh fruit using the post. You can eat amazing, natural food that just arrives at your desk. You can choose a box put together by the graze nutrition team, or set your own preferences so graze can make you the perfect box with that day's freshest produce. You can even choose to have three of your five a day guaranteed in every graze box.


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See how much cashback you can earn at Graze:

£1.00 Cashback when you take up the Free Trial from Graze

£1.00 Cashback when you purchase your first Full Price box


Graze Member Reviews

" I actually enjoyed it but secretly wished the price for the graze product was less than the £3.49 tad expensive for a non city type... Pina Colada was a bit of a shock. Mango, Pineapple pieces and Coconut flakes everything that i dislike but ironically loved in its dried form. If your into something different and the idea of a suprise selection of dried fruits, nuts and other goodies every two weeks or so is your thing then this product is for you... I love you Graze will you marry me???? :) P.S try the honeycomb flapjack ... i could have several boxes of just that on its crunchy oaty chocolatey ownsome... yummy..

" £1 cashback for totally scrummy food. I loved recieving the little parcels through the door and getting the goodies. First box is free so why not give them a try. You can cancel online easily, delay if you are on holiday, or set up a standing order. All in all a very easy site to use, and the food is delicious. I agree they can be a little expensive but i use them as a treat to myself every now and then.

" I have used graze in the past. £1 cashback for trialing them. Fruit arrived through my door in a well packaged box. The portions were fine and the food of excellent quality. I see graze having a niche market for very busy people who want their 5 a day. We intend to use graze now and then as a treat to ourselves. Cancelling the trial is very quick and easy and i would hesitate to recommend them.

" A very good idea, particularly the free trial. However on further investigation, the overall price of this product is too high to sustain on an individual basis. For most. I am afraid it is sandwiches from home (but try the trial anyway!), however if your salary can afford it, then go for it, as the content of the product is very good, just costly.

" I have been registered with graze for quite some time and the quality is always excellent and any time I have ordered boxes they have arrived on the day I chose. You can set up a regular day for boxes to arrive and choose the food you like. The option to order one-off boxes or to deliver a box for a friend is there as well. A very good service but I would like to see a price decrease.