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Tracking speed: 1-2 Hours

Payment speed: 90 Days

Last payment received on 27 Nov for transactions made before 23 Jul

Up to 6% Cashback

Expedia  Cashback
Whether you know exactly what trip you want or just want help narrowing down your search, Expedia.co.uk makes it easy to find the holiday that is right for you. They are the largest online travel provider for the UK, serving millions of travellers every year.
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See how much cashback you can earn at Expedia :

6.00% cashback on Hotels

5.50% cashback on Car Hire

3.50% cashback on Package Holidays

1.00% cashback on Flights

Please note: Cashback calculations exclude both taxes and any postage costs.


Expedia Member Reviews

" Excellent, I have used this site often!

" Choice of hotels and price ranges are good, in my experience. The listings sometimes take time to load and the 'specials' aren't always the most competitive so it's worth double-checking, but overall good prices, good customer service (booking details are kept in your profile and sent by email) and as well as cashback it is also possible to earn Nectar points.

" Exedpia .co.uk is an excellant website that may help you plan a great trip away that you will really enjoy, The cash back rate is excellant, It is very easy to book, the website design is simple,clear and helpful. You may be able to find cheaper else where but the quality of service. I would recommend.

" Expedia are always worth checking when you are looking to book a holiday as they are reputable and have very good prices. The website is so easy to use, and you can spend ages browsing through the many deals they have.

" Can't go far wrong with Expedia, great selection of hotels at very competetive prices, so far have never had anything go wrong with the booking as has happened wih one or two of the other suppliers in the marketplace.

FLight and car selection is pretty good too, although i find I can often find cheaper elsewhere.