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Tracking reliability: N/A

Tracking speed: 1-2 Hours

Payment speed: 120 Days

Last payment received on 17 May for transactions made before 31 Jan

£5 Cashback

CreditExpert Cashback
CreditExpert is the UK's leading online consumer credit monitoring and identity fraud prevention service. Consumers get FREE and unlimited real-time online access to their credit report for the trial period. They also receive advice and tips on how to improve their credit rating and alerts anytime their credit report changes.


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£5.00 cashback when you take up the FREE Trial


CreditExpert Member Reviews

" I took a free trial of credit expert and found it really useful. I was able to look through my credit file and make sure that everything was as it should be. I had no problems cancelling my account after the free trial, and received my cashback too.

" I took up the offer for the free trial of Credit Expert. I found the service very easy to use and understand. It is also very useful and gave me a great insight into my credit report. I had no problems cancelling the free trial, and received the cashback very promptly.

" I received a debt collecters letter, shortly followed by a phone call out of the blue for a well known catologue threatening me with court action if i did not pay my unpaid bills. I had never heard of this company before or the debt collection agency. I rushed to sign up to credit expert to check my account and it turned out to be fraud where someone had used my details from a previous adress. Credit expert were instrumental in clearing my name and i would recommend them to anyone. You can see all your transactions online as well as being able to check your credit score. Useful when applying for future credit. £1.50 cashback for your free trial is a wonderful deal.

" My partner recieved a letter out of the blue threatening her with a debt collecter over unpaid bills for shopping catologues. Turns out this was fraud. Credit expert were invaluable in helping her clear her name, without them she would of had to go to court to sort out the debt collectors and her credit file would have been ruined. the 50p cashback is just a small bonus. Thanks for all their help. Everyone should be subscribed to these.

" Credit Expert is really good to use if you want to check your credit rating or score. Fatcheese are offering a brilliant £1.50 cashback too. Tracks well & an easy to navigate site. Credit Expert offer you a free trial & give tips on how to improve your credit rating too. I joined for the 30 day free trial & found it very easy to cancel with no problems. I would recommend this to anyone.